1. Sacrifice 16 MINS
2. Courage 15 MINS
3. Joy 14 MINS
4. Perseverance 15 MINS
5. Forgiveness 15 MINS
6. Faithfulness 15 MINS
The headlines from around the world are staggering as we read about Christians persecuted for their faith. What can we learn from those who risk their lives every day for their faith? How do we best respond spiritually and practically to news reports of persecuted Christians? They risk everything for their faith. This powerful video curriculum takes you into the true stories of Christians living in Muslim countries around the world. Ideal for small groups, campus ministries, and churches. Each 10-15 minute video session includes real-life footage of the persecuted church along with commentary and teaching. As you explore these six themes—forgiveness, sacrifice, faithfulness, joy, perseverance, and courage—you will be inspired to make a difference right where you are.  
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