It's My Pleasure Dee Ann Turner
It's My Pleasure
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Essence of a Compelling ... 14 MINS
2. Building a Team that Creates a ... 15 MINS
3. Building a Team that Creates a ... 12 MINS
4. Growing a Compelling Culture ... 13 MINS
5. Growing a Compelling Culture ... 13 MINS
6. Engaging Guests in a Compelling ... 17 MINS
There's a spark, an energy, a passion that exists within some organizations that is almost tangible. What sets apart those truly great companies that customers love? And how do you create a place where employees love to work?

In this 6-session series, Dee Ann Turner, Vice President of Corporate Talent at Chick-fil-A, defines what's at the core of a compelling culture and unpacks how hiring, management, and customer service all work to build a company that evokes a passion among employees and customers alike.  
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Speaker:   Dee Ann Turner
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2016
loyalty, culture, success, lead, care, serve, growth, team, customer, captions
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