Life with a capital L Matt Heard
Life with a capital L
Life with a capital L
Matt Heard
1. Introduction 5 MINS
2. Realize Life While You Live It 9 MINS
3. Recognize What You're Longing ... 8 MINS
4. Live Free 10 MINS
5. Fight for Your Heart 9 MINS
6. Savor the Beauty 9 MINS
7. Turn off the Dark 8 MINS
8. Live the Great Story 7 MINS
9. Bow Down Daily 8 MINS
10. Be a Conduit of God's Love 6 MINS
11. Seize the Life from Your Days 9 MINS
12. Steward Your Pain 8 MINS
13. Remember Your Destiny 11 MINS

Speaker:   Matt Heard
Publisher:   WaterBrook Multnomah - 2015
discovery, exist, god, journey, life, living, purpose
***This series will no longer be available on RightNow Media after November 6, 2020***

Stop existing and start living. In this twelve-session video teaching series, Matt Heard invites you on a journey-exploring ways to taste the realities of the Life Christ promises us for today. Specially designed for use alongside Matt's book Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity and its companion participant's guide, this study is ideal for small groups and church gatherings and can be adapted to four-, six-, or twelve-week studies. Each 8 to 10-minute sessions leads you into the fulfilling purpose God originally intended for you, identifying ten key areas where everyday life can become extraordinary Life. Starting now.
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Speaker:   Matt Heard
Publisher:   WaterBrook Multnomah - 2015
discovery, exist, god, journey, life, living, purpose

Technology is everywhere, it can connect people around the world, but it also has the power to disconnect us from those around us. For many parents, deciding how to use technology in their home can be challenging. How we connect with one another is different than ever before and we are left wondering technology’s role is in forming relationships.

  • Can Gen Z develop meaningful relationships?
  • How can different generations connect?
  • How are we to integrate the use of technology in our homes?

In this mini-series from Summit Ministries, leaders and thinkers have gathered to answer common questions regarding relationships and the use of technology. Hear from Dr. Kathy Koch, Matt Herd, and Michael Sherrard as they answer common questions about the use of technology. They share about bridging generational gaps, healthy use of technology in the home, managing chaotic lives and more.

Summit Ministries provides content that helps Christians to embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview.

1. How Can We Minimize the ... 2 MINS
2. How Can We Use Technology for ... 3 MINS
3. How Can We Manage Chaotic ... 3 MINS
4. How Do We Bridge the Gap ... 4 MINS
5. How Does Gen Z Develop ... 2 MINS
6. How Has Social Media Impacted ... 2 MINS
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