Ridiculous Mike Baker
Mike Baker
1. Before We Blew It 17 MINS
2. Behind Closed Doors 16 MINS
3. Between the Pews 15 MINS
4. Beyond the Borders 19 MINS
5. Below the Streets 17 MINS
6. Beneath the Cross 15 MINS

Speaker:   Mike Baker
Publisher:   Eastview Christian Church - 2013
biblical, example, love, savior, scripture
Living Like Christ in a Love Starved World

"We love because He first loved us"
(1 John 4:19)
"Beloved, let us love one another"
(1 John 4:7)
"By this all people will know you are my disciples"
(John 13:35)
"But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you:
(Matthew 5:44)
"Do not love the world or the things of the world"
(1 John 2:15)
"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends"
(John 15:13)

These six magnificent Bible passages give shape to this special study focused on the ridiculous love of God. In Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the real life example of what this love looks like. The challenge in this study is to learn how to live like Christ in a loved-starved world. It is not only ridiculous, it is possible.  

Speaker:   Mike Baker
Publisher:   Eastview Christian Church - 2013
biblical, example, love, savior, scripture
The final words of Joshua have significant importance both for his time and for ours. In particular, there are six faith actions that move us toward authentic Christ-following lives. The final chapter of Joshua encourages and challenges us to:

REMEMBER where we have been,
CHOOSE who we will serve,
REPENT from where we are going,
give WITNESS to what we believe,
celebrate our spiritual LEGACY,
and finally to learn how to truly REST.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Remember 7 MINS
2. Choose 8 MINS
3. Repent 7 MINS
4. Witness 7 MINS
5. Legacy 7 MINS
6. Rest 9 MINS
Mike Baker
This is the word of the risen Christ, the one who has eyes like flames of fire, who holds seven stars in his right hand and who searches the minds and hearts of all humans. In Revelation 2–3 his word comes to us like a two-edged sword, both encouraging and judging. Jesus calls us to hold fast in the face of temptations of all sorts, but sternly warns those who follow false teachings. Though Jesus is speaking to seven ancient churches of Asia Minor, his words ring true today, calling us to:

Patient endurance
Not fearing tribulation
Repenting of a dead faith
Keeping God's Word
Receiving the crown of life
The blessings of conquerors

Jesus Speaks combines short devotional chapters with a seven-session small group guide. Jesus offers us his guidance through both the pitfalls and paths toward holiness. Are you ready to listen?
1. Week 1: Ephesus 12 MINS
2. Week 2: Smyrna 12 MINS
3. Week 3: Pergamum 12 MINS
4. Week 4: Thyatira 13 MINS
5. Week 5: Sardis 13 MINS
6. Week 6: Philadelphia 11 MINS
7. Week 7: Laodicea 11 MINS
Mike Baker
This small group study addresses the enormous topic of spiritual formation (how we grow in Christ) with a single metaphor and a working definition. Our hope is that the imagery of WALK will help us to convey what each of us experiences on this journey of faith. There are many helpful definitions of spiritual formation, but for these purposes we've chosen the following definition to serve as an outline for this small group study:

  • God the Holy Spirit take the initiative
  • Through various means
  • In cooperation with our response
  • Changes us to look like Jesus
  • In order to serve others
  • To the glory of God

May God richly bless you as you connect in community and WALK with Christ on this journey of faith!
1. God the Holy Spirit takes the ... 11 MINS
2. Through various means 13 MINS
3. In cooperation with our ... 11 MINS
4. Changes us to look like Jesus 10 MINS
5. In order to serve others 9 MINS
6. To the Glory of God 9 MINS
Mike Baker
Do you ever feel like you are on a journey but don't know exactly where you're going?

In this study you will travel with apostle Paul as he makes his way through much of the first century world to spread the good news of Jesus to the Gentiles. As you accompany him on this biblical journey you will recognize the movement of God in your life twenty centuries later. It is clear that Paul was led by the Spirit to the places God wanted him to go, and you will also discover that God is leading you in the same way. On this forty day journey you will listen and meditate on the words that Paul later penned to those he encountered on his journey. As you do, you will be inspired to recalculate the direction of your life to follow God's leading.

  • In Philippi you will learn to praise in suffering
  • In Thessalonica you will learn to persevere in persecution
  • In Berea you will learn to search the Scriptures
  • In Athens you will learn to seek the one, true God
  • In Corinth you will learn to pursue a crown that lasts
  • In Ephesus you will learn about being a dangerous witness

Are you ready for the journey? No matter where you find yourself or how lost you may be this study will help you set your life course in God. Through Jesus, He will recalculate your life and get you to the destination He has planned for you.
1. Phillipi Part 1 8 MINS
2. Phillipi Part 2 15 MINS
3. Thessolonica 12 MINS
4. Berea 7 MINS
5. Athens 8 MINS
6. Corinth 11 MINS
7. Ephesus Part 1 10 MINS
8. Ephesus Part 2 12 MINS
9. Bonus Session- Pergamum 13 MINS
Mike Baker
Has it ever occurred to you that we've been invited to play an important role in the greatest story of all time? From creation to fall, from the fall to the rescue, and from the rescue to the restoration, God's story is being revealed. Each and every Christ-follower is empowered as a messenger, entrusted with the message of Christ's redeeming work in the world!

As we journey from the Old Testament prophets to the modern-day missionaries among us, we will consider what it means to live OPEN to God's work in us, through us, and for the world around us. This is an expansive topic that has been unfolding for thousands of years and will continue until Christ's glorious return. Our hope and prayer is that thousands will be encouraged and equipped to live:

  • Open Lives- Your first and best witness to the life you live
  • Open Arms- Connecting with those apart from Christ
  • Open Witness- What is your story?
  • Open To All- Knowing and sharing the story of the Savior
  • Open Mouth- Timely Truth-Telling
  • Open Doors- Praying for the Holy Spirit at work

May we be willing and eager participants in His story as it unfolds!
1. Open Lives 12 MINS
2. Open Arms 15 MINS
3. Open Witness 14 MINS
4. Open To All 15 MINS
5. Open Mouth 17 MINS
6. Open Doors 16 MINS
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