The Man Talk Brett Ullman
The Man Talk
The Man Talk
Brett Ullman
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Speaker:   Brett Ullman
Publisher:   Brett Ullman - 2011
husband, lead, men, servant, spiritually
The Man Talk is what is sounds like—a discussion about what it's like to be a Man today. It's a real talk, a meat and potatoes approach to issues pressing us from all sides:

  • Being the best father I can be. How to lead my family- spiritually.
  • What it's like to be a Husband and a Servant. Christian men and sex.
  • Christian dating - A how to.

Everyone needs a good talking to at some point. And, this is one for you. Real Men who aren't afraid to talk about Man stuff, and who are better for it.  
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Speaker:   Brett Ullman
Publisher:   Brett Ullman - 2011
husband, lead, men, servant, spiritually

The most popular searches on my YouTube channel are various terms that relate to how to be a better father, husband, or boyfriend. It is evident that the desire to better oneself in this area is of great interest. The next step beyond a desire to grow in this area, is the question of how to achieve this.

I love the quote from Alan Watts, “You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago”. This type of encouragement to grow and change throughout our lives is just the type of motivation we need to take the next step in becoming a better version of ourselves.

Are you ready for an empowering challenge to make improvements in your life? We are all on a journey of self-discovery and I would like to share my 24 years of speaking and leadership experience to help you take the next step in yours. I want to equip and empower you to move towards your best self and give you practical strategies to get there. I will walk you through 8 areas, teaching you how to score yourself in each, with a unique flywheel tool focusing on physical health, mental health, spiritual health, marriage, parenting, sexuality, finances, and loneliness. We will then use the results of this assessment to break down clear and applicable ways to make progress in those areas.

I would love for you to join me in this important discussion, either on your own or with a small group. You’ll be glad you took the next step in your journey of self-discovery!

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1. Intro 14 MINS
2. Physical Health 7 MINS
3. Mental Health 9 MINS
4. Spiritual Health 6 MINS
5. Marriage (Husbands) 6 MINS
6. Parenting (Fathers) 7 MINS
7. Finances 4 MINS
8. Sexuality 13 MINS
9. Loneliness 10 MINS
10. Outro 5 MINS
After more than 2,000 presentations over the span of 22 years, my interactions with many parents reveal that although most want to learn and parent their best, they feel ill-equipped. Kids don’t come with manuals. The goal of this book is to equip and empower you as a parent, grandparent, or youth leader to help kids navigate all aspects of life in the current culture.
We all want the best for our kids, but how do we sift through the unending philosophies that are available on parenting and be intentional in how we choose what is best for our family? The number of voices speaking into this issue is overwhelming. This talk has distilled the essential elements of parenting and will help you to apply them in your own home. This talk approaches parenting from a Christian perspective and is filled with practical advice that is applicable to everyone.

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1. Introduction 19 MINS
2. What is Parenting? 39 MINS
3. Time 16 MINS
4. Communication 15 MINS
5. Discipline 18 MINS
6. Conclusion and Resources 12 MINS
The concept and presence of media has become the modern-day parable that has forever altered how we interact with our world. What I have come to realize is a growing disconnect–both youth and parents are struggling with applying their Christian beliefs to the media that daily engages them.

When we interact with our culture, we take action and, when we think about what we are absorbing, we connect it to our self and our lives. As Christians, we need to actively be involved with our culture without blindly accepting it as true. Pascal said it wonderfully, “The greatest enemy of the spiritual life was inattention, complacency.”

No more thoughtless watching.
No more thoughtless listening.
No more thoughtless online activity.
No more thoughtless anything...Christianity is a strategic, intentional daily pursuit. 
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1. Introduction 10 MINS
2. Media 36 MINS
3. Faith 30 MINS
4. Culture 12 MINS
5. Conclusions and Resources 6 MINS
6. For Parents 7 MINS
In this new update of my original dating for life talk (now on youtube) I have gone back to the basics. In this new talk I answer the following basic foundational questions on dating:

  1. What is dating?
  2. When should I start dating?
  3. Am I ready to start dating?
  4. How do I start dating?
  5. What are Red Flags in my dating relationships?
  6. How do I find out if they are the "One"?
  7. How do I break up?
  8. What if they are the right person for me?

Simple and practical conversations on dating for High School and Young Adults. This talk might also be good for parents who want to understand how to help equip their kids for conversations on dating.

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Brett Ullman
The Porn Project in 1 sentence: Stop Looking at Porn

But how do you actually do that?

This talk will challenge our beliefs (what is porn?, history, theology), our behaviors (addiction, accountability, triggers, lifestyle, environment etc), and look beyond ourselves at how porn might be hurting others around us (spouse, children, dating relationships, people involved in the pornography industry etc).

The goal is to be less of a presentation and more of a training. Training to equip and empower individuals (men and women), parents and leaders on how to navigate this conversation no matter if you dabble, struggle, or are addicted to pornography in any of its forms.

Moving towards practical solutions from just talk

Moving towards wholeness from the brokenness

Moving towards freedom from pornography

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1. The Porn Project 1 HR 22 MINS
Brett Ullman
Everyone likes to feel comfortable. In fact, we pad our lives with comforts of all kinds, and those things that make life uncomfortable for us we push as far from us as possible. If you're like most people, you quietly withdrew as you read the title of this piece ( in Christian context.

The Why: One scary statistic says that 70-80% of Christian young adults have sex before they get married. We need to completely rethink how we engage students in this conversation as parents, youth leaders and as members of the greater Christian community. What a difficult time to grow up as a teenager; so many questions and so few people willing to answer them.

As Christian adults, we cannot continue to be silent on these issues of sexuality. The How: This talk helps equip and empower parents as to how to help their kids get a Biblical worldview of healthy sexuality. The.Sex.Talk is an unapologetic, straight-forward talk on the nature of sex in this era of modern, overly-sexualized culture. Addressing such issues as Christian faith, STI's, pregnancy, pornography, sexting, singleness and grace, Brett Ullman tackles the often awkward and uncomfortable topic of sex in a direct, Biblical fashion linking current topics and trends with Biblical examples and principles. The Goal: This project attempts to create and promote a culture where Christian parents and their teenagers are equipped and empowered to have this conversation resulting in better, healthier choices in the area of sex for their teenagers.

Our media-saturated culture consistently floods our minds with inaccurate, often twisted truths about the true nature of sex. As fellow journeyers, let's ask the tough questions together as we look to connect our ancient faith with our modern world.
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1. Sex Talk 1 HR 17 MINS
Brett Ullman
Life is good...until its not.

Dark clouds come in all shapes and sizes and leave us asking where do we turn? Some of us struggle with mental health: anxiety, depression etc. Some of our struggles come from coping with tough situations in life by Self injuring: eating disorders, suicide, self harm and drug and alcohol use.

When we are surrounded by these heightened emotions and feelings life becomes one that is isolated from others and we begin to be full of questions instead of answers and we do not know what will work, or where to turn. How to we begin our journey towards hope, healing, redemption, rescue, and a restoration to wholeness?

Where and when does our journey back to life begin again? As a Follower of the Way (A Christian) What about our faith? How does our faith fit into our healing journey?

This talk has no cliches, no Christianese and does not pull forward promises of false hope.

Brett Ullman in The Walking Wounded begins to address how to walk back towards healing and away from our emotions, feelings and thoughts that are keeping us paralyzed in life.

No shame, fear, or hiding is required as we are safe to journey towards healing together.

There is Hope for the Walking Wounded.
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1. The Walking Wounded 1 HR 16 MINS
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