He Loves Me: A Woman's Journey To Peace Cindy Bultema
He Loves Me: A Woman's Journey To Peace
He Loves Me: A Woman's Journey To Peace
Cindy Bultema
1. He Loves Me- A Woman's Journey ... 26 MINS
When everything in life is moving in a direction of loneliness, rejection, and despair, experiencing true love and having a sense of self-worth can seem impossible. In this Day of Discovery autobiography, Bible teacher Cindy Bultema tells the compelling story of her quest, in the midst of such circumstances, to find peace which ultimately led to hope and faith in Christ.

From her struggle with a variety of addictions, a constant battle with low self-esteem, and the death of her fiance, she shares insights to encourage you in your own journey to peace. Gain a better understanding of God's faithfulness and unconditional love. Discover how He can reveal the truth of your identity, pull you through the most tragic time in life, and bring you to a place of peace in Him.  
  He Loves Me: A Woman's Journey to Peace- DVD

Speaker:   Cindy Bultema
Publisher:   Discovery House Publishers - 2014
addictions, despair, god, journey, loneliness, peace, quest, rejection
Cindy Bultema
If you're tired of being pulled into a swirling, lukewarm routine of life that keep you from experiencing God's best, this Bible study is for you! You'll explore the early church of Laodicea (Revelation 3:14–22), made up of people just like you who struggled with trying to "juggle it all" and moving out of their comfort zones. This exciting, eight-week, interactive study show you how to turn up the heat, fuel the fire of your faith, and strengthen your relationship with God.
1. The Journey Begins 23 MINS
2. Letter to the Lukewarm 26 MINS
3. Be of Some Use 24 MINS
4. In Need of Nothing 20 MINS
5. Testing Times 25 MINS
6. White Clothes to Wear 26 MINS
7. Receiving Sight 22 MINS
8. The Red Hot Faith Backpack 18 MINS
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