What Jesus Said About Resurrection Mart De Haan
What Jesus Said About Resurrection
What Jesus Said About Resurrection
Mart De Haan
1. What Jesus Said About ... 25 MINS
2. What Jesus Said About ... 26 MINS

Speaker:   Mart De Haan
Publisher:   Discovery House Publishers - 2014
israel, jesus, new testament, resurrection
Hear from scholars and authorities in the field of New Testament studies as they explore Jesus' claims.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, if it happened, has to be certainly the central event of history in so many ways.
—Paul L. Maier, Ph.D.

Although Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life,” a sense of skepticism continues to stir among many. What evidence is there that would suggest any truth in what Jesus said? Why would you have reason to believe?

Travel to Israel with Mart De Haan and hear from scholars and authorities in the field of New Testament studies as they explore Jesus' claims and examine the evidence for his resurrection. In this 2-part series, you'll see Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified and buried, and Bethany where, according to the Gospels, he was last seen on earth. Decide for yourself whether or not the resurrection of Jesus is the single most important event in history.  
  What Jesus Said About Resurrection- DVD

Speaker:   Mart De Haan
Publisher:   Discovery House Publishers - 2014
israel, jesus, new testament, resurrection
Most everyone can identify with wilderness experiences in life—finding your way through the barren and dry places of disappointment, suffering, and loss, and trying to understand why these things are happening to you.

In this Day of Discovery program, you'll travel to the Judean desert, a desolate landscape of the Bible. Join Mart DeHaan and Michael Card as they explore the parched and empty places of the desert that can so easily mirror life's wilderness experiences.

Gain insights from the desert experiences of biblical characters that will help you draw closer to God, and discover how you can depend on Him to lead you through your most difficult challenges. Find hope for your own journey through the wilderness of life.
1. Living in the Wilderness of ... 26 MINS
For many year Ed Dodson served as a pastor, offering his congregation hope in times of discouragement, pain, and loss. However, when he was diagnosed with ALS and told that he had only two to five years to live, he was not prepared to hear it. Suddenly, the reality of death left him in need of the support and care that he had for so long given to others. Initially he withdrew himself from people and then moved on to begin an uncommon journey toward a new quality of life and purpose.

It's been years since that diagnoses and the beginning of his journey and in this 5-part series Ed reveals his unfolding story. Dobson says "It's not about how long I have left. It's about how I spend the time I do have left.

Featuring clips from the film series Ed's Story, these honest conversations help to remind us of the challenges of lie in the face of death and the perspectives needed that bring peace and hope.
1. It's Ain't Over 25 MINS
2. Consider the Birds 17 MINS
3. Be There 16 MINS
4. My Garden 16 MINS
5. Ask Forgiveness 16 MINS
From Jesus' majestic entry into Jerusalem to shouts of "Hosanna to the Son of David," to the miraculous resurrection, Behind the Easter Story lets you see Jerusalem as it was 2,000 years ago.

With a limestone scale model, hosts Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung follow the path of Jesus on that fateful week to help you gain a new perspective on the biblical events, and their consequences for mankind.

Join the Day of Discovery team as they take you on a journey with Jesus Behind the Easter Story.
1. Behind The Easter Story Part 1 25 MINS
2. Behind The Easter Story Part 2 25 MINS
Mart De Haan
What are God's plans and future purposes for the nations of Israel? Many Christians believe He has none; they believe that the church has replaced Israel in God's agenda for the world. Yet others believe that Israel plays a distinct and vital role which will find its ultimate fulfillment when Christ returns to establish his millennial reign, ruling over the nations from His throne in Jerusalem.

In chapters nine through eleven of the book of Romans, Paul the apostle makes it clear that God's dealings with the Jewish people are by no means finished. How then are we do understand God's intentions for both national Israel and the church? What promises belong exclusively to Israel? What promises has He given to all who call Jesus their Lord and Savior- to people of every nation, tribe, and tongue who in Christ have become "one new man"? And how are we, as believers, to understand and reflect God's love for Jews and Gentiles alike?

Join Mart DeHaan in a thought-provoking interview with Dr. Michael Rydelnik, professor of Jewish studies. From atop a high wall in Jerusalem, this Day of Discovery presentation gives you a sweeping view of the Holy City- and insights into God's heart and plans regarding Israel, His church, and the whole world.
1. Israel and the Church 27 MINS
For more than 2,000 years, Israel has remained prominent among the nations of the world—with Jerusalem as the spiritual epicenter. What is it that God sees in this land and its people? Why is Israel such a magnet, drawing media attention and travelers from all over the world? What is God revealing in this land?

Find answers to these questions and more in this Day of Discovery production, “Israel: Crossroads of Eternity.” Join host Mart DeHaan as he travels the Holy Land explaining how strategically positioned this nation is geographically, politically, and spiritually. Israel gave us the Messiah—the Son of God, a Savior—and now more than ever she remains at the crossroads of eternity.
1. Israel Unites and Divides Us 26 MINS
2. Israel And Her Neighbors 26 MINS
Israel. A modern land divided by ancient conflicts. Many know this as the historic homeland of the Jewish people. Yet for almost 2000 years the Jewish people have been scattered to the four corners of the earth. This period of history is part of what the Israeli's refer to as the Diaspora.

It was during the time of the Diaspora that the Muslim faith was born in the 7th century. Mart DeHaan and Jimmy De Young share their personal reflections on the Arab-Israeli conflict. How does God's love for the Jewish people cross ethnic boundaries? What is God doing with this sliver of land on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean?
1. The Arab-Israeli Conflict 27 MINS
In many curious statements in the Gospels, Jesus claimed to know God in a special way, as His words and actions often revealed not only an image of God, but also a pathway to finding God.

In this Day of Discovery presentation, you'll travel with Mart DeHaan to Jerusalem, the city that is most intimately linked to belief in God. Hear from a variety of authorities who discuss and examine the reasons for belief and unbelief in God, and even explore Jesus' claims to be equal with God.

Gain insights to help you weigh the words of Jesus. Discover for yourself whether you have reason to believe what Jesus said about God.

Participants: Michael Rydelnik, Darrell Bock, Gary Breshears, Gary Habermas, Craig Hazen, Doug Geivett, Michael Licona, Ashish Jacob Naidu, Mary Jo Sharp, and Michael Wilkins.
1. What Jesus Said About God: Is ... 26 MINS
The world is filled with products and services that promise extraordinary results—offers that seem too good to be true. How then do you weigh Jesus' promise to give you life that begins now and lasts forever?

Take a journey of discovery to explore Jesus' claims about life. Travel to Israel to the hill country on the east side of the Sea of Galilee with host Mart De Haan. Hear from scholars and authorities in the field of New Testament studies as they discuss the promises of Jesus. Examine the elements of Jesus' encounter with a Samaritan woman and gain insights to help you understand “life in all its fullness” (John 10:10). Discover for yourself whether you have reason to believe Jesus' promise of abundant life.
1. What Jesus Said About Life 26 MINS
"I assure you, those who listen to my message and believe in God who sent me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life."
—Jesus (John 5:24 NLT)

How do you know if Jesus' claim about eternal life is true or if it's simply wishful thinking?

In this Day of Discovery presentation, you'll travel with Mart DeHaan to Jerusalem to explore questions about life beyond the grave. Hear from a variety of authorities as they engage in this intriguing discussion and examine Jesus' claims about eternal life.

Gain insights to help you weigh the words of Jesus and answer your deepest questions about eternity. Discover for yourself whether you have reason to believe what Jesus said about life after death.

Participants: Dallas Willard, Darrell Bock, Randy Alcorn, Nancy Pearcey, Gary Habermas, Greg Koukl, Doug Geivett, Michael Licona, Barbara Pemberton, and Michael Wilkins.
1. What Jesus Said About Life ... 26 MINS
Gain insights into the reliability of the Bible based on Jesus' use of the Jewish Scriptures that reveal a story entirely focused on Him.

Jesus often quoted the Jewish Scriptures. He used them to create curiosity, break traditions, and answer questions in a way that penetrated hearts, stirred thoughts, and even angered the religious leaders of His time. Not only did His statements about the Bible challenge thinking, but His words continue to raise questions in the minds of many today.

In this Day of Discovery presentation hosted by Mart DeHaan, you'll hear from several Bible scholars who have researched the reliability of the Bible. Gain insights to help you weigh the words of Jesus as you take a closer look at the way in which Jesus interpreted the Old Testament to reveal a story focused entirely on Him.

Discover for yourself whether you have reason to believe what Jesus said about the Bible.
1. What Jesus Said About The Bible 25 MINS
Travel to Israel with Mart DeHaan and hear from biblical scholars as they discuss the “whys” of suffering.

“. . . My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?”
—Jesus (Mark 15:34 NKJV)

From the darkness of the agony of the cross even Jesus asked why. And in a world filled with suffering, many are echoing his words. Why would a good God allow you to suffer and abandon you in the midst of your pain?

In this series Mart DeHaan takes you on a journey of discovery to explore Jesus' claims about suffering. As he guides you through a maze of questions, you'll hear from biblical scholars who have given thought to the “whys” of suffering and the apparent silence of God.

Examine the words of Jesus that reveal his response to human anguish. Consider whether you have reason to embrace what Jesus said about suffering.
1. What Jesus Said About Suffering 26 MINS
Walk through the city of Jerusalem, along the banks of the Jordan River, and down the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. Together, we'll discover God's ultimate plan of rescue for Israel and the world through Jesus—the Messiah. It's often said that there are hundreds of prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament. But are they really there? What does the Old Testament actually reveal about Jesus?

Mart DeHaan unlocks the confusion and opens the door to a better understanding of these predictions. Using the book of Matthew, he explains how to understand Old Testament passages that appear vague or appear to be simply historical references. Find out what Jesus meant when He said he came to fulfill both the law and the prophets.
1. Jesus the Messiah: Unlocking ... 25 MINS
Mart De Haan
Was Jesus really the miracle worker that the Bible claims? Today many people believe in the historical figure of Jesus as a great teacher, a wise man, and a good moral leader. But was Jesus what He said He was—God in human form? Did He actually preform the miracles recorded in the Bible?

Since most of us have not seen the physical laws of the universe obviously altered, it's hard to believe that anyone could turn water into wine, heal the sick, or raise the dead back to life. But could those miracles recorded in the Bible really have happened? Join Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung as they investigate historical evidence for the miracles of Jesus.
1. The Miracles of Jesus: Did They ... 26 MINS
2. The Miracles of Jesus: Did They ... 27 MINS
If you want to know what life is truly about—if you want to grasp the full, staggering power and beauty of Christianity—turn to the book of Romans.

In Romans: The Letter That Changed the World Volumes 1 & 2, Day of Discovery takes you on a journey across the miles and the centuries to experience the incredible meaning and impact of Paul's letter to the Romans.
1. Rome's Major Flaw 16 MINS
2. A People Problem 10 MINS
3. Pax Romana 14 MINS
4. Faith Alone 12 MINS
5. Rome: The Good and The Bad 13 MINS
6. The Law as a Mirror 13 MINS
7. A New Day has Dawned 12 MINS
8. Messiah Hope 14 MINS
9. Church and State 13 MINS
10. Transformed Living 13 MINS
11. Paul's Peace Movement 11 MINS
12. The Church United 15 MINS
Mart De Haan
Travel to the lands where kings Saul, David, and Solomon ruled and gain insights from the legacies they left behind. Join hosts Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung as they examine the ancient Israelites' request to God for a king. His response, and the outcome of their choices. Discover, in this 6-lesson study, the value in being content, trusting God as the ultimate source, and acknowledging Him as the one true King.
1. Israel Gets a King 10 MINS
2. What Went Wrong with Saul? 16 MINS
3. The Roots of King David 13 MINS
4. Man of Greatness, Man of ... 14 MINS
5. Man of Wisdom and Humility 9 MINS
6. Solomon's Temple and Beyond 18 MINS
Jesus has always been controversial. Ever since He walked the shores of Galilee and the streets of Jerusalem, the questions have remained the same: Was He merely Jesus the man, the rabbi-teacher? Could He have been Jesus the Messiah of Israel? Or, most controversial of all, was He Jesus the Son of God?

One group of scholars is trying to clear up the confusion. For more than 10 years, they've studied key events in the life of Jesus. The goal of their historical research has been to resolve the great debate surrounding Jesus. By using accepted methods for verifying historical data, they will present evidence that clarifies the question of who Jesus really was. While some have concluded that the evidence of history cannot support the supernatural Jesus described in the Bible, these scholars provide another conclusion. Watch as they present their evidence, and decide for yourself if the Bible gives an authentic account of who Jesus really was.
1. Capernaum: The Birthplace of ... 11 MINS
2. Jesus: Man of Authority 15 MINS
3. Jesus and the Big Question 16 MINS
4. A Case for Truth 11 MINS
5. Jesus Enters Jerusalem 13 MINS
6. Palm Sunday 13 MINS
7. The Temple Controversy 13 MINS
8. What was Jesus Doing? 13 MINS
9. Jesus and the Last Supper 11 MINS
10. Jesus Introduces His Death 15 MINS
11. The Examination of Jesus 13 MINS
12. Objections to the Examination ... 14 MINS
13. Who Killed Jesus and Why? 12 MINS
14. The Reality of the Crucifixion ... 15 MINS
15. What Happened to Jesus' Body? 14 MINS
16. What about the Empty Tomb? 13 MINS
Judaism and Christianity. Two spiritual points of view that seem worlds apart—but it hasn't always been that way! In this 3-part series, you'll learn about the rich heritage of the Christian faith, which is grounded in the same Old Testament Scriptures as Judaism.

You'll be guided through the Jewish roots of Christianity by three men who are Jewish by birth, but followers of Jesus by choice. Meno Kalisher is a pastor in Jerusalem, Avner Boskey serves as a worship leader and tour guide in Israel, and Michael Rydelnik is a professor of Jewish Studies at the Moody Bible Institute. Along with host Mart De Haan, they'll take you on an amazing journey to see the birthplace of the Christian church in Jerusalem and the very pools where the first 3,000 followers of Christ were baptized. Their lively discussion will offer fresh insight into the religious dynamics experienced by the first Christians, and will deepen your own understanding of the Scriptures. Join us as we venture into the Jewish Roots of Christianity, a 3-part series.
1. Baptism and the First ... 11 MINS
2. The New Covenant 8 MINS
3. Jews and Gentiles Together 10 MINS
4. Thinking about Jesus 9 MINS
5. The Divine Messiah 12 MINS
6. Jesus: The Puzzle is Solved 6 MINS
7. A Tenuous Relationship 8 MINS
8. Practicing Jewish Roots 13 MINS
What began thousands of years ago as a promise to the nation of Israel has become a web of conflict between Arab and Jewish residents of the contested land that borders Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and the Mediterranean Sea. What should followers of Christ think about the conflict in the Middle East?

Should Christians take sides? Should believers support the peace process? What is the story and role of the chosen people? And what is Israel's future?

In this 4-part Day of Discovery program, you'll take a journey to the land of the Bible, modern Israel, with host Mart DeHaan for conversations with guests Nizar Touma and Avner Boskey. Join them as they discuss the impact this dispute has on their Arab and Jewish communities and as they address tough questions that arise about the role of followers of Christ in this controversy.

Through the wisdom of the Bible and their unique perspectives, discover how following Jesus can bring peace- even to those living in a land of conflict.
1. Representing The Remnant 11 MINS
2. Can We Be Friends? 15 MINS
3. Is Peace Possible? 12 MINS
4. Peacemakers and the Human Heart 14 MINS
5. A Chosen People: Is This Fair? 9 MINS
6. Whose Land Is This? 17 MINS
7. The Wild West Bank 13 MINS
8. A Beautiful Picture: One ... 14 MINS
In our deepest time of need, we often turn to God in prayer to plead with Him for help. But what happens when those prayers go unanswered? Special guest Philip Yancey joins Mart De Haan, Haddon Robinson, and Alice Mathews for a special roundtable discussion. They'll wrestle with the question the rest of us are thinking, but are afraid to ask: Is God listening?
1. Prayer and the Silence of God 26 MINS
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