Hope for the Gentiles: The Gospel of Mark Michael Card
Hope for the Gentiles: The Gospel of Mark
Hope for the Gentiles: The Gospel of Mark
Michael Card
1. Hope for the Gentiles: The ... 26 MINS
2. Hope for the Gentiles: The ... 26 MINS
3. Hope for the Gentiles: The ... 26 MINS
4. Hope for the Gentiles: The ... 15 MINS

Speaker:   Michael Card
Publisher:   Discovery House Publishers - 2014
gospels, israel, jesus, mark, persecution, rome, suffering
Although the Gospels present compelling stories of the life, words, and works of Jesus, the gospel of Mark stands apart with a unique perspective. Written specifically for the non-Jewish believers during a climate of persecution and suffering in Rome, the gospel of Mark reveals and intimate, yet commanding side of Jesus.

In this presentation you'll travel to Rome and Israel with host Michael Card to explore the life and character of Jesus through the experiences of Peter as captured by Mark. Gain a deeper understanding of the struggles, suffering, and pain endured by those who followed Jesus as you visit the Mamertine Prison, Circus Maximus, and the Roman Forum, as well as significant landmarks in Israel.

Find a fresh point of view on the meaning of discipleship that brings clarity not only to the joy of following Christ, but also to the reality of fear, uncertainty, and danger. Discover how you can face trials in life with confidence of finding hope, healing, and eencouragement through God's Son, Jesus Christ.  
  Hope for the Gentiles: The Gospel of Mark- DVD

Speaker:   Michael Card
Publisher:   Discovery House Publishers - 2014
gospels, israel, jesus, mark, persecution, rome, suffering
Take a fascinating journey through the lands of the New Testament as host Michael Card examines the gospel of Luke and stirs your imagination with insights into the life of Christ. Explore the historical and social context in which this gospel was written. Discover in this 8-lesson interactive study how God used the research skills of a doctor to communicate the amazing life and teachings of Jesus.
1. A New Look At Luke 12 MINS
2. The Bridge 16 MINS
3. Not an Eyewitness 12 MINS
4. Gospel of Amazement 15 MINS
5. Ministry of Mercy 13 MINS
6. On the Road 14 MINS
7. The Final Days 14 MINS
8. The Innocence of Jesus 13 MINS
The gospel of Luke gives one of the most detailed accounts of the life of Christ ever written. Although he never witnessed the work and ministry of Jesus first-hand, Luke's recording of His life is one of the most detailed accounts among the New Testament gospels.

In this series, author and teacher Michael Card travels to Rome, Galilee, and Jerusalem to explore the lands and the life of Christ. Paying special attention to Jesus' interactions with the people surrounding Him, see how Luke portrays a very personal side of Jesus and His heart for the lost and broken. You'll also gain insight into the life of Luke as an author, physician, and evangelist.

Discover a greater appreciation for the gospel of Luke- as you take this journey wit hDay of Discovery.
1. The Investigation, Part I 26 MINS
2. The Stories, Part II 26 MINS
3. The Mercy, Part III 26 MINS
4. The Sacrifice, Part IV 26 MINS
Journey with author,songwriter, and teacher Michael Card through the ancient site of Ephesus where the beloved apostle wrote what you know as, "The Gospel of John."

In Wisdom from Ephesus you'll walk alongside Michael Card through archaeological sites. In this four-part Day of Discovery program, you'll gain a fresh perspective on the life and times of John, the longest-living disciple.
1. Part 1: Wisdom from Ephesus: ... 25 MINS
2. Part 2: Wisdom from Ephesus: ... 26 MINS
3. Part 3: Wisdom from Ephesus: ... 25 MINS
4. Part 4: Wisdom from Ephesus: ... 26 MINS
Michael Card
The stories about the miracles of Jesus are familiar to many—turning water into wine, feeding the 5,000, and the healing of a blind man. But have you ever stopped to think about what else was going on behind the scenes of each miraculous event—perhaps the miracle behind the miracle?

Join Michael Card as he travels through the land of the Bible to recapture and explore afresh some of the miracles of Jesus. Journey to Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum, and Jerusalem, and walk along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Experience the places where Jesus fed the multitudes and where He sought solitude.

Gain fresh insights and new perspectives to extend your view beyond the miracles of Jesus and into the character and heart of God.
1. More Than a Miracle 26 MINS
Michael Card
Michael Card wants you to use your imagination. You may know Card as a singer and songwriter, but he is also an astute student of the Bible who wants to help you understand in a fresh way what the apostle John wrote about in the gospel that bears his name.

To help us use our imagination, Card journeyed to Ephesus, the city where John lived much of his adult life and the city from which he wrote the book of John.

The crew of the Day of Discovery television program filmed Michael in various locations in both Ephesus and Jerusalem- places that help us relate to and more fully understand what John was writing about.

Temples. Libraries. Homes. City centers. They all help us get a better picture of the people John pastored in Ephesus and the atmosphere out of which he penned his "unique gospel," as Card likes to call it.

As you and your friends view this video, you will be introduced to a new and valuable way of studying the fourth gospel of Jesus Christ. You'll begin to grasp in fresh terms the wisdom that Ephesus that permeates this vital book of the Bible.

Reintroduce yourself to the "beloved disciple" and the book he wrote from the city of Ephesus. Join Michael to study and discuss John's Gospel: Wisdom from Ephesus.
1. The Place to Begin 13 MINS
2. "What Are You Looking For?" 13 MINS
3. A Motif of Misunderstanding 15 MINS
4. Miracles and Messages 12 MINS
5. Jesus at Your Feet 13 MINS
6. The Miracle Behind the Miracle 14 MINS
7. Journey to Jerusalem 11 MINS
8. The Faithful Disciple 16 MINS
Michael Card
As much as we enjoy our relationship with Jesus Christ, imagine what it would have been like to take that a step further and be His friend when He was here on earth! The apostle Peter had that special opportunity.

Michael Card traveled to Israel to walk us through the friendship between our Savior and the man Jesus renamed The Rock.

In a special video presentation based on the RBC Ministries television program Day of Discovery, you'll travel with Michael as he visits the places where Jesus and Peter interacted. You'll listen as Card reveals the intricacies of their friendship. And then you'll have the opportunity to discuss what you observed in order to make the teaching of Michael's lessons applicable to your own life.

Travel with Michael Card as he explores the friendship of Jesus and Peter in eight lessons that touch on such subjects as

  • "Getting to Know Peter"
  • "Dinner with Jesus"
  • "Crisis in the Garden"
  • "Final Lessons for Peter"

Enjoy the beauty of Israel, the insights of Michael Card, and a chance to investigate the unique friendship enjoyed by Jesus and Peter.
1. Session One: Getting to Know ... 12 MINS
2. Session Two: Peter's Home ... 16 MINS
3. Session Three: The Friendship ... 11 MINS
4. Session Four: A Time For ... 16 MINS
5. Session Five: Dinner With Jesus 12 MINS
6. Session Six: Crisis In The ... 16 MINS
7. Session Seven: New Realities ... 12 MINS
8. Session Eight: Final Lessons ... 9 MINS
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