The Lightlings R.C. Sproul
The Lightlings
R.C. Sproul
1. The Lightlings 7 MINS

Speaker:   R.C. Sproul
Show:   The Lightlings
Publisher:   Ligonier Ministries - 2013
children, children's books, creation, dark, darkness, elementary, fear, ligonier ministries, redemption, youth

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In The Lightlings, Dr. R.C. Sproul weaves an allegorical tale that captures the essence of the biblical story of redemption in a manner that will fascinate and delight children. A race of tiny beings known as lightlings are a picture of humanity as they pass through all the stages of the biblical drama - creation, fall, and redemption. In the end, children will understand why some people fear light more than darkness, but why they need never fear darkness again. 

The Lightlings is an excellent introduction to the key themes of Scripture. Richly detailed illustrations by Justin Gerard will hold children's interest, and discussion questions with Scripture references in the back will help parents guide children into the deeper meaning of the story.

Suggested Age: Elementary

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Speaker:   R.C. Sproul
Show:   The Lightlings
Publisher:   Ligonier Ministries - 2013
children, children's books, creation, dark, darkness, elementary, fear, ligonier ministries, redemption, youth
Faith alone is the foundational answer to the question, “What must I do to be saved?” The doctrine of justification by faith alone is at the center of Reformation theology, and remains critical for all believers today. This doctrine is continually under assault, yet without it, there is no gospel. In this lecture series, Dr. Sproul explores the doctrine of justification historically and theologically. He carefully defines each term in the phrase “justification by faith alone” while pointing to the imputation of a perfect righteousness found only in Jesus Christ.
1. A Doctrine for Today 19 MINS
2. Martin Luther 22 MINS
3. The Ninety - Five Theses 23 MINS
4. The Roman Catholic View 22 MINS
5. Defining Our Terms 22 MINS
6. By Faith Alone 23 MINS
7. Paul's Letter To The Romans 22 MINS
8. The Consequences of ... 23 MINS
9. Paul vs. James? 22 MINS
10. Questions & Answers 23 MINS
R.C. Sproul
"Have you ever been troubled by doubts about the Bible? Have you ever had your faith in God's Word challenged or dismissed? The temptation in the Garden didn't begin with promises of wealth or power. It began with an attack on God's Word. Satan continues that challenge today, with devastating results inside and outside the church. 

Hath God Said? meets the devil's challenge. R.C. Sproul proclaims and defends the world-transforming truth that God has spoken in His Word. He shows that communication requires an absolute standard of truth—and that Scripture is that standard. And R.C. demonstrates the failure of all attempts to make the Bible partly true and partly false. Hath God Said? will strengthen your faith in the integrity of the Bible—and your ability to proclaim and defend His holy character in your world."
1. What is the Standard of Truth? 28 MINS
2. Authority and Authorship 28 MINS
3. Inspiration and The Canon of ... 28 MINS
4. Neo-Orthodoxy and The Canon of ... 28 MINS
5. Inspiration, Infallibility, and ... 28 MINS
6. Jesus and The Word of God 28 MINS
"In 2 Peter, Peter exhorts all who read his letter to make their calling and election sure by diligently pursuing the fruit of the Spirit. “For in this way,” he writes, “there will be richly provided for you an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 1:11, ESV). 

In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul addresses the importance of living in pursuit of holiness over against “easy believism.” He explores the doctrine of assurance as he helps to explain the relationship between the Christian life and the work of Christ Jesus on our behalf."
1. The Duty of Pursuing Assurance 23 MINS
2. Assurance Enhances ... 23 MINS
3. Four Kinds of People 24 MINS
4. False Assurance 24 MINS
5. Gaining True Assurance 23 MINS
6. The Source of Full Assurance 25 MINS
R.C. Sproul
Many believe that we are totally free to choose salvation. In Willing to Believe, Dr. R.C. Sproul shows that man's will is not free but in bondage to sin. He says that we are doomed unless God has mercy and changes our hearts. Dr. Sproul examines the issue of free will throughout history, looking at the views of Augustine, Pelagius, Luther, Calvin, Arminius, Edwards, Finney, and others, demonstrating that some assumptions regarding “free will” undermine the Gospel and conceal God's glory in salvation.
1. The Truth Shall Make You Free 29 MINS
2. Free Will and Divine ... 29 MINS
3. Are We Born Free? 29 MINS
4. The Loss of Liberty 28 MINS
5. Sovereign Grace 29 MINS
6. Is Grace Irresistible? 29 MINS
7. A Divided Will? 29 MINS
8. Bondage of the Will? 29 MINS
9. Voluntary Slaves 29 MINS
10. Is Grace Cooperative? 29 MINS
11. Born To Sin 29 MINS
12. The Pelagian Captivity of The ... 29 MINS
The Gospels describe a number of encounters of first-century Jews and Gentiles with Jesus Christ. From the encounter with Nathaniel to the encounter with Pontius Pilate, the writers of the Gospels describe the varying reactions of people to this One who claimed the authority of God Himself. In Face to Face With Jesus, Dr. R.C. Sproul looks at what Scripture reveals about the character of Jesus through His encounters with specific men and women.
1. John the Baptist 24 MINS
2. Nathaniel 23 MINS
3. The Woman at the Well 23 MINS
4. Joshua 23 MINS
5. The Rich Young Ruler 23 MINS
6. Jairus' Daughter 23 MINS
7. The Adulterous Woman 23 MINS
8. Moses and Elijah 23 MINS
9. Pontius Pilate 23 MINS
10. The Two on the Road to Emmaus 23 MINS
11. Paul 23 MINS
12. John the Beloved 23 MINS
13. Questions and Answers 23 MINS
Is your conscience held captive by the Word of God, or is it subject to the whims of your culture? The world seeks to suppress your conscience and conform it into the image of the lawless one. The Christian must seek the good, strive for integrity, and reflect the holiness of our Creator and Redeemer. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul lays the foundation for that lifelong process.
1. The Razor's Edge 30 MINS
2. The Legalist Distortion 28 MINS
3. The Distortion of Lawlessness 27 MINS
4. The Degrees of Sin 27 MINS
5. The Creation Ordinances 29 MINS
6. The Question of Conscience 30 MINS
R.C. Sproul
What higher satisfaction is there than knowing that what we do and think is pleasing to God? But how can we, as imperfect Christians, ever hope to please a perfect God? Is it even possible in a world where temptations so often lead us astray? In this series of practical guidelines for Christian living, Dr. R.C. Sproul clearly identifies the struggles we all share in pleasing God and offers insights on how to overcome them.
1. The Goal of Christian Living 28 MINS
2. Beware of the Leaven of the ... 28 MINS
3. The Battle with the World 28 MINS
4. The Battle with the Flesh 28 MINS
5. The Battle with the Devil 28 MINS
6. Guilt and Forgiveness 28 MINS
These days there is a lot of talk about promises. Most of the time, the focus is on man's promises rather than on God's promises. But as we have all experienced, the promises of sinful man fail time and time again.

In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul demonstrates that the one, true Promise Keeper always keeps His promises. Dr. Sproul explains how God, throughout history, has fulfilled His promised plan of redemption in and through His people.
1. The Covenant of Redemption 24 MINS
2. The Meaning of Covenant 23 MINS
3. Creation Covenant (Part 1) 23 MINS
4. Creation Covenant (Part 2) 24 MINS
5. Creation Covenant (Part 3) 23 MINS
6. Noahic Covenant 23 MINS
7. Abrahamic Covenant (Part 1) 24 MINS
8. Abrahamic Covenant (Part 2) 24 MINS
9. Mosaic Covenant (Part 1) 23 MINS
10. Mosaic Covenant (Part 2) 25 MINS
11. Davidic Covenant 24 MINS
12. The New Covenant (Part 1) 25 MINS
13. The New Covenant (Part 2) 23 MINS
14. The Christ of the Covenant 24 MINS
R.C. Sproul
In opposition to churchmen who argued that man is made righteous by faith and works, the Protestant Reformers fearlessly preached that by faith alone God's people are justified. With devotion to Scripture above all else, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others helped believers cast aside their perversions of the gospel and once again recognize the Lord alone as the One who saves. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines the biblical doctrine of redemption as summarized in the five solas of the Reformation, propositions that remind us God alone deserves the glory for our salvation.
1. Faith Alone (Part 1) 24 MINS
2. Faith Alone (Part 2) 24 MINS
3. Grace Alone (Part 1) 24 MINS
4. Grace Alone (Part 2) 25 MINS
5. Christ Alone (Part 1) 24 MINS
6. Christ Alone (Part 2) 24 MINS
7. Scripture Alone (Part 1) 24 MINS
8. Scripture Alone (Part 2) 24 MINS
9. Glory to God Alone (Part 1) 23 MINS
10. Glory to God Alone (Part 2) 25 MINS
R.C. Sproul
Everyone has a worldview, a framework through which they interpret reality and answer life's ultimate questions. Many people, however, are unaware of the view they embrace. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines some of today's most popular worldviews and demonstrates that only the Christian worldview truly answers life's most important questions.
1. Secularism 30 MINS
2. Existentialism 31 MINS
3. Humanism 30 MINS
4. Pragmatism 29 MINS
5. Positivism 29 MINS
6. Pluralism and Relativism 30 MINS
7. Hedonism 28 MINS
8. Science 30 MINS
9. Economics 32 MINS
10. Government 28 MINS
11. Art 28 MINS
12. Literature 31 MINS
R.C. Sproul
In Defending Your Faith: An Overview of Classical Apologetics with R.C. Sproul, Dr. Sproul surveys the history of apologetics and demonstrates that reason and science are your allies in defending the existence of God and the historical truth claims of Jesus Christ. He affirms four logical premises that are necessary for all reasonable discourse, and teaches you how to defend your faith in a faithless world. Furthermore, he points out that there are many levels on which to defend your faith, and shows how apologetics brings comfort and confidence to Christians of all ages. 

This series is designed for individual study, senior high school classes, homeschoolers, small study groups, and adult Sunday school classes.
1. Introduction 23 MINS
2. Why Apologetics? 24 MINS
3. Pre-Evangelism 24 MINS
4. Four Steps Backward 23 MINS
5. Law of Contradiction 23 MINS
6. Law of Causality 23 MINS
7. Reliability of Sense Perception 23 MINS
8. Analogical Language (part 1) 23 MINS
9. Analogical Language (part 2) 23 MINS
10. Contradiction and Paradox 23 MINS
11. Mystery 23 MINS
12. Natural Theology (part 1) 23 MINS
13. Natural Theology (part 2) 23 MINS
14. Aquinas vs. Kant 23 MINS
15. The Case for God 24 MINS
16. Four Possibilities 24 MINS
17. The Illusion of Descartes 23 MINS
18. Self-Creation (part 1) 21 MINS
19. Self-Creation (part 2) 23 MINS
20. Self-Existence 23 MINS
21. Necessary Being 22 MINS
22. God of the Bible vs. God of ... 23 MINS
23. Kant's Moral Argument 23 MINS
24. Vanity of Vanity 24 MINS
25. The Psychology of Atheism 23 MINS
26. The Bible and Apologetics (part ... 23 MINS
27. The Bible and Apologetics (part ... 24 MINS
28. The Bible and Apologetics (part ... 22 MINS
29. The Bible and Apologetics (part ... 23 MINS
30. The Bible and Apologetics (part ... 24 MINS
31. The Deity of Christ 25 MINS
32. Questions and Answers 24 MINS
R.C. Sproul
In Foundations: An Overview of Systematic Theology, R.C. Sproul shows that the truths of Scripture relate to each other in perfect harmony. This eye-opening series addresses a myriad of questions about the origin and authority of the Bible, God, the Trinity, man, sin, salvation, revelation, miracles, the church, the end times, and more.
1. What Is Theology? 24 MINS
2. Scope and Purpose of Theology 24 MINS
3. General Revelation and Natural ... 23 MINS
4. Special Revelation 23 MINS
5. Inspiration and Authority of ... 23 MINS
6. Infallibility and Inerrancy 24 MINS
7. Canonicity 24 MINS
8. Scripture and Authority 23 MINS
9. Knowledge of God 23 MINS
10. One in Essence 24 MINS
11. Three in Persons 23 MINS
12. Incommunicable Attributes 23 MINS
13. Communicable Attributes 23 MINS
14. The Will of God 23 MINS
15. Providence 24 MINS
16. Creation Ex Nihilo 24 MINS
17. Angels and Demons 24 MINS
18. The Creation of Man 23 MINS
19. The Nature of Sin 24 MINS
20. Original Sin 24 MINS
21. Transmission of Sin 24 MINS
22. The Covenants 24 MINS
23. The Christ of the Bible 24 MINS
24. The Christ of the Creeds 24 MINS
25. The Names of Christ 23 MINS
26. The States of Christ 23 MINS
27. The Offices of Christ 24 MINS
28. Substitutionary Atonement 24 MINS
29. Why Did Christ Die? 24 MINS
30. The Extent of the Atonement 24 MINS
31. The Holy Spirit in the Old ... 24 MINS
32. The Holy Spirit in the New ... 23 MINS
33. The Paraclete 24 MINS
34. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 24 MINS
35. The Gifts of the Spirit 24 MINS
36. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit 24 MINS
37. Are Miracles for Today? 24 MINS
38. Common Grace 23 MINS
39. Election and Reprobation 24 MINS
40. Effectual Calling 24 MINS
41. Justification by Faith Alone 23 MINS
42. Saving Faith 24 MINS
43. Adoption and Union with Christ 24 MINS
44. Sanctification 24 MINS
45. Perseverance of the Saints 23 MINS
46. Biblical Images of the Church 23 MINS
47. The Church: One and Holy 23 MINS
48. The Church: Catholic and ... 24 MINS
49. Worship in the Church 25 MINS
50. The Sacraments of the Church 24 MINS
51. Baptism 24 MINS
52. The Lord's Supper 23 MINS
53. Death and the Intermediate ... 24 MINS
54. The Resurrection 23 MINS
55. The Kingdom of God 23 MINS
56. The Millennium 25 MINS
57. The Return of Christ 23 MINS
58. The Final Judgement 23 MINS
59. Eternal Punishment 24 MINS
60. The Believer's Final Rest 24 MINS
R.C. Sproul
As he examines David's sin and confession, Dr. R.C. Sproul demonstrates how God was merciful to David, restoring to him the joy of salvation. In addition, Dr. Sproul addresses the need for all people to recognize their sin and repent, acknowledging that God is the Judge for all people and  that He shows mercy to the repentant.
1. A Psalm of Repentance 24 MINS
2. The Sin of David 24 MINS
3. Tender Mercies 23 MINS
4. God's just Judgment 23 MINS
5. Purging the Inward Parts 23 MINS
6. Corman Deo: A Fearful and ... 24 MINS
7. A Contrite Repentance 24 MINS
8. Psalm 32: The Joy of ... 22 MINS
R.C. Sproul
All Christians must be well grounded in the basics of the Christian faith in order for them to grow into maturity. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul gives a concise explanation of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity in the Apostles' Creed. It is especially useful for those who have lived to no Christian background and need to learn the basic doctrines of Christianity. Those who are teaching church membership, confirmation or communicant classes will find this series to be helpful in teaching the fundamentals found in the Apostles Creed to their students.
1. What is Faith? 27 MINS
2. God the Father 28 MINS
3. The Person and Work of Christ ... 27 MINS
4. The Person and Work of Christ ... 28 MINS
5. The Holy Spirit and the Church 28 MINS
6. Forgiveness, Resurrection, and ... 27 MINS
R.C. Sproul
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Prov. 1:7), but often we do fear the Lord as we ought because we forget how He is revealed in Scripture. We tend to view God as a heavenly grandfather, not as one who is a consuming fire. We think God is like us, when instead He is utterly holy. Until we understand who God is, we will not have the right attitude toward Him. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul helps us to understand who God really is, showing us the One who is holy.
1. Encountering God 31 MINS
2. Holy, Holy, Holy 31 MINS
3. Inner Sanctum 32 MINS
4. What Manner of Man is This? 29 MINS
5. Cosmic Treason 31 MINS
6. Fear and Trembling 33 MINS
The apostle John distinctively presents Jesus as the Logos, the eternal Word of God. Through Him the cosmos was created, and through Him the Father is most perfectly revealed.

In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul examines the eight unique "I AM" sayings of Jesus recorded in John's gospel, all of which are powerful expressions of His saving relationship to the world. He uses God's Word to bring us to a deeper understanding of the God-man as both protector and nurturer of His people.
1. The Bread of Life 24 MINS
2. The Light of the World 23 MINS
3. The Sheep Gate 23 MINS
4. The Good Shepherd 23 MINS
5. The Resurection and the Life 25 MINS
6. The Way, the Truth, and the ... 23 MINS
7. The True Vine 22 MINS
8. Before Abraham Was, I AM 25 MINS
R.C. Sproul
To understand the culture in which we live in, you need to be familiar with the ideas that have shaped it.

In Ligonier's survey series, The Consequences of Ideas, R.C. Sproul traces the contours of Western philosophy throughout history and shows how our culture evolved to what it is today.

From ancient Greek thinkers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle to Christian philosophers such as Augustine, Anselm and Aquinas to the shapers of modern thought such as Hume, Kant and Nietzsche, R.C. demonstrates the consequences of each of these and other important thinkers' ideas on world events, theology, the fine arts and culture, as well as our everyday lives.

Listen, and you will hear echoes of their ideas in your daily conversations-especially as you witness to unbelievers.
1. Thales 24 MINS
2. Monism and Pluralism 24 MINS
3. Parmenides, Heraclitus, and ... 25 MINS
4. Socrates 26 MINS
5. Plato (Part 1) 23 MINS
6. Plato (Part 2) 25 MINS
7. Aristotle (Part 1) 23 MINS
8. Aristotle (Part 2) 23 MINS
9. Plotinus and Neo-Platonism 23 MINS
10. Augustine 25 MINS
11. Anselm 23 MINS
12. Aquinas (Part 1) 24 MINS
13. Aquinas (Part 2) 24 MINS
14. The Renaissance Revolution 25 MINS
15. Descartes 24 MINS
16. Descartes and "Cause and ... 24 MINS
17. Leibniz 24 MINS
18. Pascal 24 MINS
19. Locke 24 MINS
20. Crisis in the 18th Century ... 24 MINS
21. Crisis in the 18th Century ... 20 MINS
22. Berkeley and Empiricism 23 MINS
23. Hume (Part 1) 24 MINS
24. Hume (Part 2) 26 MINS
25. The Enlightenment (Part 1) 24 MINS
26. The Enlightenment (Part 2) 25 MINS
27. Kant (Part 1) 25 MINS
28. Kant (Part 2) 24 MINS
29. Hegel 25 MINS
30. Marx 24 MINS
31. Kierkegaard 25 MINS
32. Nietzsche 23 MINS
33. Sartre and Heidegger 24 MINS
34. Russell 24 MINS
35. Modern Philosophers 23 MINS
R.C. Sproul
Join Dr. Sproul on a unique study tour as he explores the major themes, events, and people that are brought to life in the Bible. Dust to Glory provides a panorama of biblical truth and a starting point to help you understand the content of the Bible. Dust to Glory can energize your study of the Bible, provide you with new insights, and improve your ability to read, understand, and apply Scripture to your life.

“I believe that Dust to Glory is the most important teaching tool Ligonier has produced,” says Dr. Sproul. “It is our prayer that it will serve you in your desire to grow in the knowledge and love of God. As Christians, we are called to be people of the Word. My hope is that Dust to Glory will encourage, stimulate, and assist you to master the Scriptures so that the Scriptures may master you.”
1. Creation 26 MINS
2. The Image of God in Man 23 MINS
3. The Fall 25 MINS
4. Covenant with Abraham 24 MINS
5. Patriarchal Blessing 24 MINS
6. Moses and the Exodus 24 MINS
7. The Passover 25 MINS
8. The Giving of the Law 23 MINS
9. The Tabernacle 24 MINS
10. Aaron and the Priesthood 24 MINS
11. Old Testament Sacrifical System 24 MINS
12. Joshua and the Conquest of ... 24 MINS
13. The Cycle of Judges 24 MINS
14. The Monarchy 24 MINS
15. David 24 MINS
16. Solomon and the Temple 24 MINS
17. The Divided Kingdom 25 MINS
18. Elijah 24 MINS
19. Isaiah 23 MINS
20. Jeremiah 24 MINS
21. The Exile 25 MINS
22. Ezekiel 22 MINS
23. Daniel 25 MINS
24. Ezra and Nehemiah 24 MINS
25. Amos and Hosea 24 MINS
26. Joel, Micah, and Habakkuk 25 MINS
27. Characteristics of Wisdom ... 24 MINS
28. Psalms 25 MINS
29. Ecclesiastes 24 MINS
30. Job 27 MINS
31. The Intertestamental Period 24 MINS
32. John the Baptist 24 MINS
33. The Birth of Jesus 24 MINS
34. The Early Years of Jesus' Life 24 MINS
35. The Baptism and Temptation of ... 24 MINS
36. Jesus' Inaugural Address and ... 26 MINS
37. The Teaching of Jesus: Parables 24 MINS
38. Interpreting Parables 24 MINS
39. The Miracles of Jesus 24 MINS
40. The Caesarea-Philippi ... 24 MINS
41. The Transfiguration 24 MINS
42. The Triumphal Entry 23 MINS
43. The Cross 25 MINS
44. The Resurrection 24 MINS
45. The Ascension 24 MINS
46. Pentecost 24 MINS
47. The Expansion of the Church 23 MINS
48. The Conversion of Paul 24 MINS
49. Romans 23 MINS
50. I and II Corinthians 24 MINS
51. Prison Epistles 23 MINS
52. I and II Timothy 25 MINS
53. Hebrews 23 MINS
54. General Epistles 24 MINS
55. Introduction to Revelation 26 MINS
56. The Christ of Revelation 24 MINS
57. The Glory of God 26 MINS
R.C. Sproul
Angels and demons are portrayed and discussed everywhere--from statues and paintings to poems and songs to the Internet. But are they understood correctly? With all the attention these beings receive, Christians are bound to get confused between what is often to be "common knowledge" and how the Word of God actually portrays them. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul challenges many of the modern myths regarding these other-worldly beings by offering a biblical view of the spiritual realm.
1. The Heavenly Choir 23 MINS
2. The Heavenly Host 23 MINS
3. Earthly Enforcers 24 MINS
4. Angels as Ministers 23 MINS
5. Angels as Messengers 24 MINS
6. Angel Worship? 24 MINS
7. The Adversary 24 MINS
8. The Angel of "Light" 24 MINS
What characterizes Christians? The apostle Paul tells us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal. 5:22-23). It is through the Spirit that we develop these traits, grow in grace, and glorify God. Dr. R.C. Sproul explores these qualities and the transforming power they evidence.
1. The Struggle for Spiritual ... 30 MINS
2. The Goal of Spiritual Growth 27 MINS
3. The Priorities of Righteousness 28 MINS
4. The Assurance of Salvation ... 28 MINS
5. The Assurance of Salvation ... 30 MINS
6. The Indwelling Power of Love 28 MINS
7. The Practice of Love 27 MINS
8. Joy and Peace 29 MINS
9. Long-suffering and Kindness 29 MINS
10. Goodness and Faith 28 MINS
11. Meekness and Self-Control 29 MINS
12. Growing to Maturity 28 MINS
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