Paws & Tales - Spanish: Season 1
Paws & Tales - Spanish: Season 1
1. The Good Shepherd 22 MINS
2. A Good Foundation 22 MINS
3. High Noon 22 MINS
4. Tiffany Cometh 22 MINS
5. To Have & Give Not 22 MINS
6. Grace to Hugh 22 MINS
7. Every Good Thing 22 MINS
8. The Princess 22 MINS
9. The Gift 22 MINS
10. And Then There Were None 22 MINS
11. Hullabaloo on Hunker Hill 22 MINS
12. The Tribe 22 MINS

Show:   Paws & Tales - Español
Publisher:   Providential Pictures - 2014
Animated adventures little children love with God-centered lessons parents applaud!

Welcome to Wildwood! Here the folks live just like you and me. They love fun and adventure, enjoy their work and family, and try to learn each day what it means to be like Christ.

With Paws & Tales, kids can enjoy meaningful adventure stories and fun animation while they learn biblically based concepts like being thankful, overcoming fear, putting others first, and obeying God's rules. 

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Suggested Age: Elementary  
  Paws & Tales Season 1 DVD

Show:   Paws & Tales - Español
Publisher:   Providential Pictures - 2014
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Aventuras animadas que a los niños pequeños les encantan con lecciones centradas en Dios que los padres aplauden.

¡Bienvenido a Wildwood! Aquí la gente vive como tú y como yo. Aman la diversión y la aventura, disfrutan de su trabajo y su familia, y tratan de aprender cada día lo que significa ser como Cristo.

Con Paws & Tales, los niños pueden disfrutar de historias de aventuras significativas y divertidas animaciones mientras aprenden conceptos bíblicos como ser agradecidos, superar el miedo, poner a los demás en primer lugar y obedecer las reglas de Dios.

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Edad sugerida: primaria

1. A Race Against Time 22 MINS
2. Tooth be Known 22 MINS
3. Whose Name is Jealous 22 MINS
4. Snake Oil Man 22 MINS
5. Eye of The Tiger 22 MINS
6. CJ Prospers 22 MINS
7. The Hire Principle 22 MINS
8. Grow Your Gifts 22 MINS
9. True Riches 22 MINS
10. Staci's Dilemma 22 MINS
11. Miss Helga Grissel 22 MINS
12. Honey Buzz Principle 22 MINS
13. The Great Go-Cart Race 22 MINS
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