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With a learning platform like RightNow Media @ Work delivering valuable content in the workplace at thousands of companies we have a chance to minister to millions right where they are, when they want, addressing issues they are facing. It’s why we use it for our staff and encourage it to businesses of any size, industry and demographic!

 Mike Sharrow | CEO, C12 Group

A simple way to care for your employees and cultivate a healthy team.

RightNow Media @ Work is a voluntary, faith-based video library designed with your employees in mind. From topics like leadership, parenting, and finances, RightNow Media @ Work is relevant to everyone on your team. Every member of your team — and their families — can benefit from RightNow Media @ Work. And it’s available on all their favorite devices, whenever they need it.

Trusted by companies and organizations ranging from 2 to 20,000 employees:


Unlimited access to videos designed to enrich, encourage, and equip employees outside of the workplace. Stream content about marriage, finances, mental health, plus a huge library of kids shows. RightNow Media @ Work is designed for team members just out of college, nearing retirement, or anywhere in between.

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Watch inspiring content from well known business leaders like Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, and Dave Ramsey. Create customized training programs on leadership and teamwork, or watch documentaries about successful companies like Interstate Batteries, Hobby Lobby, and Chick-fil-A.

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RightNow Media @ Work is providing the resources to grow and care for our people. When we serve our people well, they give the business their very best, creating the conditions for great results.
Cheryl Bachelder
Former CEO, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Inc.
Not only am I personally equipped and inspired by the biblical content of RightNow Media @ Work, it allows me to support our educational leaders across the country according to their specific needs. RightNow Media @ Work has been a real blessing to our organization.
Matt Hoehner
Regional Executive Director, St. Louis, Open Sky Education
We’ve had members of our team thank us for the impact these resources have had on their kids, their families, and their marriages, in addition to the impact on their own lives and how they view work. And whether we like to acknowledge it or not, our personal lives are always intertwined with our work lives. They are not easily separated. We want all of our team to know we care about them as individuals, their families and providing a great place to work. RightNow Media @ Work is an excellent tool that helps us do that.
Ben Watt
Human Resources Director, Peoria Charter Coach

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